Wood burner inside a glamping tent

The Wood Burner

How It Works

These instructions are the same for both the wood burning stove in your tent and also the wood-fired heater for your hot tub.

How to light your wood burning stove and wood-fired hot tub:

  • Don‘t clear out the ash – it will light better if the ash is left in the stove.
  • Crunch up newspaper into balls, place in the bottom of the stove with 2-3 firelighters.
  • Put about 8 sticks of kindling on top in a star shape.
  • Light paper with a match.
  • Close the door but leave the vents open – a through draught encourages the stove to light.
  • Once it is going well, add a log. When that is well alight, add several more. When the stove is hot, use the metal tool provided. Do not touch the stove with your hands.
  • You can adjust the ventilation in the stoves within the tent using the vents. More air means a hotter, quicker-burning fire. At night, if you get the woodburner going well, then close down the ventilation and the stove will burn more slowly for longer.
  • To heat up your hot tub, fill the firebox with wood and keep it going at a strong heat. Getting the water up to heat will take 2-3 hours.
Wood burner inside a glamping tent

SAFETY – Please read

  • The stove is HOT and the chimney can heat up too.
  • Do not touch the stove when it is lit, use the metal tool provided.
  • Always use the fireguard in case someone bumps into the stove accidentally – this is especially important with children, who might fall against the stove when running around the tent.
  • Do not put anything flammable on the top of the stove.
  • NEVER use the fireguard as a clothes horse to dry towels, clothes etc (there is a clothes airer provided for you to use). This is very dangerous as they can catch fire.
  • There is a Carbon Monoxide Alarm and a Smoke Alarm in your tent, please locate them and test them from time to time during your stay
  • There is a fire extinguisher and a fire blanket per glamping tent – please make sure you have spotted them in case of emergency.