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Unexpected guests!

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The day a balloon landed here

To our amazement, a huge hot air balloon landed in the middle of our glamping field.

This was filmed by our guests from their hot tub. Watch with the sound up as their commentary is hilarious.

This balloon was a Red Letter Days treat for 20 people, many of whom were celebrating special birthdays and occasions. It had flown across East Devon from the village of Broadclyst. The balloonists told us the balloon is worth £100,000.

When it landed, all the passengers enjoyed a glass of champagne, then packed up the balloon into the support vehicles which had been following on the ground.

The balloon company, Bailey Balloons, explained that they can never plan where they will land so they just find a clear spot and hope the landowners won’t mind. We didn’t mind at all, especially when they gave us a bottle of champagne, which is the traditional balloonist thank you present when they land in your field. Come back any time!